Our vision

Our vision is to live in harmony and balance with all life forms. Cooperation and support are the chosen methods of interaction between all human beings, leading to a sustainable and abundant world for everyone.

Our mission

To create a space for people seeking a more fulfilling life and to provide avenues in which to explore and clarify their life’s purpose.

Your Practitioner

Janet Squilanti
Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Wether you want to call it fate, destiny or luck, there are synchronicities that happen in our lives that we just can’t ignore. I had been a successful corporate accountant for almost 30 years until I sat down one Saturday afternoon at a presentation given by Dr. Eric Pearl. I had never heard of Dr. Eric Pearl or Reconnective Healing® but something moved me to buy a ticket to his presentation; which was one of at least 20 presentations that were being given that day. Needless to say, it changed my life forever. I had found my life’s purpose. I am now dedicated to helping others expand their consciousness and understanding about healing.