The Science Behind the Magic

The Science Behind the Healing

What is a Healing? We’ve been taught to believe that “treatments” heal, when in fact, the new science tells us something much different. Healing can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The mind, body and spirit are all connected and each plays a part in our overall well-being. When one or more of these aspects become out of balance we can experience “dis-ease”. Treatments focus on the symptoms that appear from this unbalanced state. Reconnective healing™ addresses the cause.

For decades, quantum physicists have been attempting to unlock the mysteries around disease and healing. We now know that all matter exists in a quantum web and that there is a constant communication of information that is transferred among everything. We exist beyond our physical bodies in what is referred to as the field. The state of our field determines wether or not we experience illness, not our genes or germs as previously believed. When the information in our bodies becomes disorganized or is in a state of chaos, this results in dis-ease. Fritz-Albert Popp a renowned expert in the field came to realize that light in the body may hold the key to health and illness. When we experience dis-ease, the light emitted from the photons in our body is diminished. The Reconnective Healing™ frequencies (that consist of energy, light and information) have been shown to re-order that information and create a return to an optimal state of balance. The energy field of the client interacts with the Reconnective Healing™ Frequency, recognizes it, entrains to it and returns to that optimal state of balance and harmony. The out picturing result can be a healing.

Many studies have been done around reconnective healing™. Led by world-renowned scientists including William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Konstatin Korotkov, PhD. All of whom have done studies of the Reconnective Healing™ frequencies, first discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. All the the studies done on The Reconnective Healing™ Frequencies are available on the internet and in books and publications. You can also read more on the website for The Reconnection at

Scientists don’t have all the answers yet, but their findings to date are indisputable and measurable. (Ref. “Science confirms Reconnective Healing™, by Dr. Konstantin Korotkav) Reconnective Healing™ transcends the diagnostic and physical steps and accesses a higher vibration of the universal intelligence, therefore; there is no need for the practitioner to know the nature of the client's particular disease or symptoms. The practitioner is simply present and acts as a prism of sorts connecting the client to the Reconnective Healing™ Frequencies, and the Universal Intelligence does the rest. Other energy healing modalities only access a subset of the information available in the field where as the Reconnective frequencies transcend the time/space barriers and allow for a higher vibration of energy, light and information to be accessed.

I have personally experienced a profound healing, one that impacted my well being for over 50 years. Two months following my Reconnective Healing™ session, it was gone! Keep in mind, I did not have a Reconnective Healing™ session with a specific intention to be healed from this life-long affliction. It was something that I lived with, it was just part of who I was, or so I thought. You may receives a healing, it just may not be the one you ask for! Mainstream medicine is slowly catching up to the amazing scientific discoveries of today. I invite you to stay ahead of the curve.